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The Art of Feminine Embodiment

with Katrina Leah 

"Embodiment is the art and the craft of existence that allows us to feel, and thus experience, life as it is. It is the capacity to ride the sensations of the relational world and stay present to it. Embodiment is what makes life real. It takes the wild artistic world of the conceptual and tries it out on the ground level.

Embodiment is what allows us to feel one another, hold each others hands, sing, laugh, pray and know ourselves as a living experience.

Embodiment is the pathway to knowing ourselves beyond body."

~ Dev Bry 

Welcome to The Art of Feminine Embodiment.

Dive in and enjoy my explorations of the feminine and her diverse manifestations as expressed through my paintings

Have a look at my current offerings which include both painting two day and shorter workshops 

Return often as I will be updating this website with new programmes and courses

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