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The Art of Feminine Embodiment

with Katrina Leah 

Healing comes through the embodiment of the soul. The feminine soul is what grounds us. It loves and accepts us in our totality."

Marion Woodman


I am inspired by the beauty and diversity of the earth and humanity. And for me, this is the divine feminine in all her embodied creative power. I am inspired by those who follow their hearts calling to bring their unique gifts to the earth and humanity. Our potential is to always go deeper and finer and bring our discoveries into the world as our lives as the healing balm that is so needed here and THAT inspires me deeply. For me this is one of the gifts of the living feminine spirit in a woman’s body. My calling is to walk alongside those who are seeking to birth their own inner gifts into full embodiment.

My Own Journey of Allowing

Throughout my adult life I have been drawn to the feminine mysteries . I did not have the language for it , or even recognize my own soul longing , but it was there in my ability to be comfortable and fully present around the dying (as a nurse) . Later it was expressed in my love of pregnancy and birth and beyond where the feminine creative principle brings spirit into form in a very tangible and physical, way. These were met in very practical ways and it was not until my mid 30’s when ‘She’ the feminine principle called me to go deeper via a dark night of the soul that lasted several years. And it was through this that I became aquainted with her deeper ways and I heard Her call my name and speak to me of my birth right.

As a woman , in embodiment of the Feminine Principle, I have come to know that 'I' stand on the threshold between life and death. The Feminine Principle is She who is of the great unknown yet here in a body, in no denial of the rawness and messiness of birth and death and everything in between. It is one thing to fly of into the transcendent (which is truth), but the feminine principle is the portal through which all Beings pass into and out of this earthly, mortal life. And to stand open and vulnerable in this place is powerful . This is why I am drawn to birth and feel at home in its raw power, and why I always loved being at the dying end of life when I was a nurse, also a potent place of transformation which I did not understand at that time.

So , where does art come into the picture ? Looking back I see I have always stepped into new places of expression, often being called to leave what was familiar and ‘safe’ and move to a new country, town , job or relationship . In 2014 I discovered the art of Flora Aube and her Art of Allowing painting programme. Something inside me whispered that it was time to enter a deeper place and express that creatively. I knew it would bring changes in my life and so it has as new potentials are opening .

I have come from a place of thinking I was not a particularly creative woman , to a woman who revels in the joy of creative endeavour. I have only been painting since 2014 and I love to lose myself for hours and find myself with paint all over my hands and some new explosion of colour and form emerging on the canvas ! Painting teaches me so much about myself on many levels . Art has become a potent place of expression where my self and my soul meet on the canvas and shows me more of who I am. I am coming home to the one who I have always known , but whose power I was afraid to own up to ! Whatever stage of life you are at, whatever challenges and joys you are meeting , I want to share the transformative potential of this journey with YOU!

The Art of Allowing journey developed by my mentor, visionary artist Flora Aube , is the simple (yet not always easy) act of coming to the blank canvas , reaching inwards and letting go of all pre-conceptions, to paint on the canvas and bring into form a portrait of ones own unique inner wise woman as revealed to each of us during the process. This can be powerful in what it reveals. Both the two day facilitated journey and the finished result, are a mirror for where we are in our lives and what is being called to be let go of to make room for the new seeds of potential germinating within. But most of all there is the profound joy of creativity and play that you may not have allowed yourself in a very long time !

My journey with and as the feminine, places me in a wonderful position to walk alongside you in your journey with Her , as a guide, a mentor , friend , indeed a midwife of the soul ! A strong, embodied feminine presence standing alongside a woman at whatever stage of the journey she is on, can be catalyst for transformation from one state into the next . I don't talk a lot of 'spiritual talk' and I can be irreverent at times, but my knowing is that there is power in being consciously aware of 'who I am' and bringing THAT to all of life's experiences.

Training and qualifications

Certified Art of Allowing Facilitator

Registered General Nurse

Diploma in Childbirth Education

Certificate in Adult Teaching

Zenergy Art of Facilitation

Certificate in Myo-fascial Integration (Integrative Body-work) 

Come paint with me and be prepared to meet your creative 

feminine Self and be amazed at what / who emerges on your 

canvas !