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The Art of Feminine Embodiment

with Katrina Leah 

Feminine Embodiment - Her Many Faces  

Woman is one form in many faces.

She is one Love in one body

Bernie Prior 

To view art work in larger format, click on painting and it will open in a new window

'Memento Mori - Don't Turn Away' 

Acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas  

'When All is Said and Done , what Remains?' 

Acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas

'Streaming Cosmic Codes of Truth'

"Awakened Women plant their naked feet on the barren soil of earth. Glistening with the radiant dew of communion with Divine Love, bodies supple and fluid with free-flowing Kundalini, Third Eyes wide open and streaming cosmic codes of truth, hair flaming and blazing with wild, unashamed passion, hands moving spontaneously to touch the wounds of Gaia's Soul and love Her back to Life"

Sophie Bashford

'Divine Equilibrium'


'She stands sentinel

All Beings cross her threshold

Guardian of Life'

Katrina Leah


'Womb of the Earth'

'Divine Union'


“When you plant a seed of love, it is you that blossoms.”

Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavadi i


'Beauty Arises'

"Be humble for we are of the earth. Yet be noble for we are of the stars. Just as the lotus flower blooms out of the mud ,much beauty arises out of the mud of our earthly experience. There is no need for shame or fear, all is well. We are exactly where we are meant to be"

Katrina Leah

'Circle of Creation'

"A Women's WOMB is sacred.

It is the center and Circle of Creation.

A powerful, potent force to be activated

not only for the birth of our children

but also for Creation itself in its many forms.

A Womb of Luminous Radiant Light.

To understand that our female human womb is

a sacred crucible where the Cosmic Womb of the Goddess lives and breathes is an ancient

secret, a treasured Gift.

We Women are re-membering.

We are here to seed and grow,

new creation, regenerative, healthy ways of life. For the Benefit of all Beings

for the Benefit of Life"

Gaia Codex

'The Living Cosmos'

"A woman's body is created for transformation: within a woman's womb a child takes form; from a woman's womb a child emerges into the world; within a woman's womb visions can be created that give birth to universes."

Michele Jamal

'The Unknown She'

"The Clear Mirror.

Lucid Crystal Truth Behold

Truth reveals its Light as all Masks fall away

Pulsing Emptiness that Contains Infinity

Fulcrum Point and Compass

Awake, Awake My Love

This is No Time for Sleeping"

Gaia Codex

 'Inner Vision'


' Seated on Her Throne'

"When a priestess is truly seated on her throne, she realizes that she carries the throne within her. Our bodies are the temple of our souls. To be seated on the throne is to be well placed inside our own sacred chambers, deeply grounded into the root of Mother Earth, well seated in the center of our belly, as we connect to the stars and the sky and let the Goddess’s inspiration, her words, and actions flow through us."

Gaia Codex

' The Innocents'


“May all beings be peaceful.

May all beings be happy.

May all beings be well.

May all beings be safe.

May all beings be free from suffering”

Raising awareness of the multitude of young women and girls who are, kidnapped or tricked and trafficked and held as sex slaves all over the world but particularly in India and Bangladesh. These are the innocents whom we ought protect. They too are our precious daughters who have a right to live free of slavery. Let us not forget them.

'A Bird in The Hand'

“He aroha whakatō

He aroha puta mai”

“If kindness is sown, then kindness you shall receive”


'She Weaves Light into Form'

"We are not just physical bodies. Our physical bodies are the jewels through which Great Light exists , moves and expresses"

Bernie Prior

'Light Being'


'Lineage of Mothers'

I dedicate this painting to the memory of Stanislaw Leszczyńska, a Polish Midwife who helped 3000 babies to be born in Aushwitz. I also dedicate it to the mothers and babies whom she served selflessly in awful conditions.

Here is the link to her story

'She Emerges'

Inspired by Syrian artist Suhair Sibhai

'Golden Woman'


'Shalom - Let there Be Peace'

In memory of my mother Margot Salom and the peace and justice work she undertook in her years following retirement. She was much loved and respected for her work with refugees of diverse religions and cultures .


' She Remembers Who She is '

"Even in the chaotic rubble, she still remembers who she is"

R.M Drake


' Manawee'

In mastering his animal nature , He, as the masculine principle unifies the dual nature of the feminine within himself .

' Dancing in the Fire'

"Shakti, the pure feminine energy and power only reveals herself for one who is aligned with Truth.

Truth is her lover , the one she really belongs to and moves for "

Bernie Prior

'Hine Takurua - The Winter Maiden ’

"Ka rere ngā purpura a Matariki

The seeds of Matariki are falling"

'Light Beings'

“You come to us

from another world

From beyond the stars

and void of space.

Transcendent, Pure,

Of unimaginable beauty,

Bringing with you

the essence of love”



'Maiden - On Entering Womanhood'

“Woman you are a spring breeze just beginning to take flight.

You are the breath of God , the cradle of light.

Boundless potential as great as the sky.

All packed in a body that itself creates life”.

Christen Rodgers

'Mother - Ripe'


'Mother - Yielding to her Birthing Power'

' Mother - She Nourishes All Life'


'Crone - Her Light Shines For All'

‘Beauty is not in the face.

Beauty is a light in the heart’

Kahlil Gibran

'Who You Are Becoming'

"The journey between what you once were and who you are now becoming is where the dance of life really takes place"

Barbara DeAngelis


'Moon Dancer'

"The Moon has become a dancer in this festival of Love"



'Self Love'

“Self-care is never a selfish act—it is simply good stewardship of the only gift I have, the gift I was put on earth to offer to others.”

Parker Palmer


'Moon Love'

“She held the moon the way she held her own heart, as if it was the only light that could guide her through the darkest nights”

Chrissie Pinney